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Excellent UV Protection || Ultrachlorine Resistant || Quick Drying
Made in Spain
Made in Spain


About Us

Where the bubbly and refreshing European style from Barcelona meets the cosmopolitanism of New York’s swimsuit fashion, a brand new style of swimwear for men is born.

With design studios in both NYC and Barcelona, we’ve created the most irresistible and stylish design with the trendiest models in men's swimwear fashion.

You want to B noticed.

When out on the beach you’ve got few tools available, your body, your personal charm, and of course your swimsuit. City Style of Swimwear is the key piece of your summer fashion collection.

You want to B comfortable.

Your swimsuit should be as comfortable as it is flattering. BWET swim briefs are made of Breathable synthetic gusset lining, with superior, form-fitting with an interior drawstring waist. You can now enjoy the best European Quality, the full of our Swimwear collection is manufactured in Barcelona, Spain.

This is indeed the most interesting fusion design project I have ever worked on; it really has been an enriching experience…

This collection was Born right on the Beach, where designers from both New York and Barcelona casually met near the famous Beach of "Barceloneta", in Barcelona. The chemistry was pure and the ideas began to flow immediately. We designed dozens of original models both in NYC and in Barcelona, exchanged and swapped ideas. After one year of inspiring design review, the City Style of Swimwear is now a reality…
All incorporated, for you, for you to B.
Teo Gallardo, chief designer at BWET.

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